Mission Statement

Our Purpose

At HSP, we value God, family and then business. This hierarchy influences everything we do as a company and has created the culture that you see today. The HSP team finds fulfilment in their daily surroundings. The company you keep matters and at HSP we couldn’t be more proud of our business partners!

Our Vision

We aim to become a GLOBAL BRAND providing a world class real estate services that meet our clients’ needs at all times, and the preferred place of employment for real estate professionals.

Our Mission

To provide convenience for tenants, prospective landlords, property owners and investors by bringing them together to a place of satisfaction and comfort. At House of Stone Properties we promote the self-worth and dignity of all our clients, thus, we create a conducive environment that is enjoyable and profitable to all.

Core Value

The Agency seeks to build a business organisation grounded in adherence to the principles of quality, honesty, transparency, integrity, and legality, hence the legal flair in the leadership of the institution.

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